A resident of Oklahoma who recently married my British wife Talma Marsh-Harman in Iowa, I am elated about the news that U.S. Senior District Judge Terence Kern ruled Tuesday that Oklahoma’s ban on marriage equality is unconstitutional.

Talma and I are awaiting the federal government’s approval of our spousal visa application so we may live as wife and wife here in America, in Oklahoma, for now.

I recently moved to Oklahoma, where I attended the University of Tulsa decades ago and began my journalism career. My experiences living as an out Lesbian in OK then, and again since moving back from the East Coast a year ago to be near my parents, have underscored my belief that we must not, under any circumstances, settle for less than full equality, even in this, the Reddest state in the nation. We must speak out, speak up and walk proudly, hand in hand with our wives, our husbands, our lovers.

That’s what brought the ultra-conservative state of Oklahoma to the glorious victory we celebrate today.

You know what, Oklahoma? Today you are far more than OK. You are fabulous.

And while this is not the sort of history that Gov. Mary Fallin and other homophobic Oklahoma politicians wish to make, history it is.

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